1. On Retinae (East) - Dip in the Pool
  2. Tema Perr Malva - Ishi Vu
  3. Diya Gneba - Oumou Sangaré
  4. L`Uomo Invisibile - Fuga Ronto
  5. Otis - The Duritti Column
  6. Expansions - Lord of the Isles
  7. Kona Winds (with Kimo and the Guys) - Marvin Franklin
  8. Secret Doctrine - The True Underground Sound of Rome feat. Stefano Di Carlo
  9. Clocking Off - (DON’T ASK)
  10. Today Feat. Sui Zhen - Tornado Wallace
  11. Abraham’s Theme - Vangelis
  12. Finding - Pitto
  13. By The Round Lagoon - Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru
  14. Midnight Cowboy - John Barry
  15. What About Now ? (Storm Clouds over Cap Negret) - Mark Barrott
  16. Shadows From Nowhere - Blue Gas
  17. Learning Time - Eric Serra

Compiled by Pete Gooding & Mark Barrott

Looking out to sea, the sun’s position, like life, is continually changing, until it hangs suspended and proud over the Faro, blurred and hazy like a re-discovered water colour on the wall of a long forgotten Finca, as Tardor i Hivern come to the Island.

This marks not only a period of hibernation, but for La Torre and many others, a period of reflection and rebirth…what happened, why did it happen, will it happen again and perhaps…should it have happened, as the madness of the summer fades away and we all start to inhabit our own space again, gathering breath for the coming times ahead.

Perhaps we should use the sun, not only as a giver of life, but as a cipher of presence and focus, a centre point to escape the frenetic pace of modern life and use it as a metaphor to always inhabit our own space, regardless of the insanity that surrounds, to become balanced and calm like the mirror-still sea that sits below this ever glowing presence that draws us back time and time again to this Island of infinite possibilities.

Perhaps it’s time to stop thinking about the summer at the end of the Autumn, the Autumn at the start of the summer and just be here…now, listening to the sounds of Elvissa and watching the sun kiss the ocean, because this is our moment, but one that we must have the courage to create amidst all the madness.

Our hope is that even if you haven’t yet visited us at La Torre, this collection of music, our second, will help you on this journey and if you have shared the majesty of the sunset with us, thank you and we hope it will transport you back to that glorious moment when the stillness and feeling of connectedness is so joyous it’s almost overwhelming, but remember, nostalgia is a heady drug….for there is only now, this beautiful calm moment.

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